Sanatana Hindu Sangha of Southern California is once again bringing the ancient and rich tradition of Kumbha Mela to the West!
We welcome you all with our love and respects to Kumbh Mela USA 2015!
The Maha Kumbh Mela is the oldest and largest gathering of Human beings on the planet. More than 1000 Kumbh Mela festivals have happened over the ages. It is a massive Hindu pilgrimage aimed at keeping the spiritual goals in sight for the multitude of seekers who merge into the ocean of humanity and become one.
Sanatana Dharma (known in modern times as Hinduism) boasts a glorious history of tens of thousands of years.  Hinduism is known for its tenets of religious tolerance and harmony.

Spiritual Significance of Snaan (Holy Bath)

Millions of Enlightened Masters carrying positive energy come together at the waters of the holy river, Ganga, for the only purpose of showering the collective positive energy to the whole planet. When this confluence happens, the water becomes amruta (nectar).

The sadhus of the various Akhadas, led by Mahanirvani Akhada, take the first dip in the holy Ganga and bless the faithful, marking the auspicious beginning of the Snaan. Deities energized by Enlightened Masters are also brought to the Snaan to energize the water.

The time of celebration has celestial significance. During this period of stellar constellations, all the auspicious energies are concentrated on this sangam (confluence), offering the best possibility for taking the individual nearest to higher consciousness.

The Kumbh Mela is also a grand festival of celebration, color and splendor. Participants feel they are all one, going towards the same experience. The Kumbh Mela promotes brotherliness, joy, faith, peace and prosperity

 The rich heritage expresses itself in the number of people who gather in India: 100 million people come together with no invitation or publicity, the host location doesnt offer much comfort or infrastructure, there is no crime, and free food is offered to everyone. This is testament to the power and strength of Sanatana Hindu dharma.

Sanatana Hindu Sangha of California is now bringing this ancient, rich  tradition to the west by organizing the KumbhMela USA!

With Love & Respect, we warmly invite ALL temples and Hindu organizations to be an integral part of this celebration in preserving the Sanatana Hindu Dharma in the United States.

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Don’t miss the opportunity of  a lifetime!

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